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TRIYM (pronounced as tri'm) website has moved to Asia! Please click this link TRIYM.ASIA or TRIYM.COM top go to our brand new website! TRIYM.NL will be linked trhu soo as well!

Sorry for TRIYM.NL (pronounced as tri'm) website being a mess, my hosting provider migrated my perfect working website, thanks guys! Will fix it ASAP...  grrrr StartHosting thinks i have nothing better to do, so we decided to moved the entire website to Asia!

We certainly hope you will enjoy it as we enjoyed upgrading this to our new fresh brighter look.

TRIYM means: TRI (Three) times more value to You from Me! Whatever you invest in me I would like to earn at least triple back for you.

We are a proud company with a very special DO philosophy. You can find all the information about TRIYM and our services on this site. If you want exceptional value you found the right place!

In three areas we do our business in the best possible way:

  1. Trading Services: Join our vast growing and well performing automated trading robots on Forex market in Asia and Australia
  2. Development Solutions: We build software solutions for managing and tracking Agile projects, Intelligent Automated Trading solutions and Wealth Preservation Solution
  3. Consulting Services: Reorganization, Down & Right-sizing, Interim Management, IT Strategy & Innovation, Advisory services and independent audits

Our Vision: Become highly attractive firm for Clients & Employees who value our can DO philosophy

Our Mission: Become recognized for highly Valued Services to Clients using the can DO philosophy

Can DO philosophy: Direct & Open leading to TRIYM core values

  1. Value & Measurable - Add objectively measurable value
    • "if you can't measure it, it ain't real or worth anything"
  2. Honest & Approachable - Treat clients the why you want to be treated, make friends not enemies
  3. Analytical & Choices - Clear and precise analisys generates good choices and makes better long lasting decisions

Promise: All of our services and solutions are based on our core values.

They are all done with the DO philosophy and always with the utmost professionalism and drive! So, please take a look at each service for more details.

Or use Skype button to directly contact us. If you have no Skype you can download and install it using this link to Skype